Vegan eat out options (UK) 

 Here are 10 restaurants that you can cater to being vegan. P.s. - ask the staff for ingredients list and most of the time they'll be happy to help. Discalmer * this is for the UK check the Ingredients for other countries. 1. Dominos: - Pizza: Thin & crispy & No cheese - Any vegetable toppings - … Continue reading Vegan eat out options (UK) 


Anxiety Tips • P3 

1 ♥ Support system: Friends, parents, grandparents, carers, anyone. Please do talk to them when you feel anxious no matter how much you feel like you're 'troubling' them they're there because they care. 2 ♥ Try not to beat yourself up about missing events. Just focus your energy on remembering how disappointed you felt when you missed … Continue reading Anxiety Tips • P3 

Anxiety explained • P2

Feeling anxious over something normal and suffering from anxiety are two different things. Just like when you feel really down one day doesn't mean you suffer from depression. Anxiety is like a 'friend' that's joined to your hip suffocating you by feeding you lies. It tell you 'you can't do that, they'll laugh at you or don't … Continue reading Anxiety explained • P2


Anxiety sucks • P1 

Why can't I be 'normal' and be able to do 'normal' things without having anxious feelings flowing through my veins and intoxicating my body. I want to be able to take public transport, to talk in front of a big group of people with confidence and to go to a big event without feeling anxiety. … Continue reading Anxiety sucks • P1