Vegan eat out options (UK) 

 Here are 10 restaurants that you can cater to being vegan. P.s. - ask the staff for ingredients list and most of the time they'll be happy to help. Discalmer * this is for the UK check the Ingredients for other countries. 1. Dominos: - Pizza: Thin & crispy & No cheese - Any vegetable toppings - … Continue reading Vegan eat out options (UK) 


Anxiety Tips • P3 

1 ♥ Support system: Friends, parents, grandparents, carers, anyone. Please do talk to them when you feel anxious no matter how much you feel like you're 'troubling' them they're there because they care. 2 ♥ Try not to beat yourself up about missing events. Just focus your energy on remembering how disappointed you felt when you missed … Continue reading Anxiety Tips • P3