Chocolate cupcakes 

Prep time: 20mins Oven time: 15mins Difficulty: Easy Makes: 11/12 Ingredients: ♥ 150g butter ♥ 150g caster sugar ♥ 2 eggs ♥ 50g cocoa powder ♥ 130g self raising flour Method: - Pre heat your oven to 180 degrees - Mix the butter with the sugar till it has a creamy texture - Add the eggs … Continue reading Chocolate cupcakes 


Vegan snacks 

When I went shopping today I bought some accidentally vegan snacks. I wanted to share this with you guys so that people who are vegan or people who are interested in veganism would know that they can get these snacks. 1. The infamous fruit 2. Betty Crockers brownie mix 3. Rice Kyrisps 4. Ikeas 'KEX … Continue reading Vegan snacks