Vegetarian spaghetti carbonara 

Prep time: 15 minutes  Cook time: Your pasta  Difficultly: Easy  Serves: 2 Ingredients: ♥ 200g spaggetti ♥ 1 tbs olive oil ♥ 2 eggs ♥ 40g parmesan ♥ Pinch black pepper ♥ Pinch salt ♥ 4 strips Qourn bacon  Directions  Crack the eggs into a bowl and beat  Grate the parmesan and add the salt … Continue reading Vegetarian spaghetti carbonara 


Homemade Chips 

Prep time 15mins Oven time 30mins Difficulty Easy Serves 1 Ingredients: ♥ King Edwards potatoes 2 medium size ♥ Olive oil ♥ Sea salt Method:  - Peal your potatoes and cut them into chip shape. - Put boiling hot water and sea salt into the pot and wait till it bubbles. Then add your potatoes. Leave in for 10mins … Continue reading Homemade Chips