Merry Christmas 

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of my wonderful followers. I wish that you all have an amazing christmas filled with lots of lovely food, good company and giving/receiving presents!  Comment what you did for Christmas! See you soon (: 


Sunday 5pm

I want to make this blog more organised than what it is. Fun fact about me: I am a planning freak. To make this blog more orderly I'm going to post once a week on Sunday at 5pm and occasionally I'll do posts on Wednesdays at 5pm. So put that in your diaries! See you … Continue reading Sunday 5pm

A new chapter 

I'm vegetarian. Well I've been vegetarian for 1 month now which might not seem like long but I'm proud of myself. I hope I last a long time and would like to be vegan someday. I will probably start making vegetarian meal posts so people can have an idea of what I eat. If there's … Continue reading A new chapter 



Hey guys, I hope you're all well. My announcement is that I've made an Instagram for my blog! So if any of you bloggers or non bloggers would like to follow me that would be great, Username: Myutopiasite Website link: Comment your Instagram,  See you soon (:


Exercise challenges 

I loved doing the exercise challenge. After the 30 days, I felt so much better internally and externally. I felt like I achieved my goal and can see the physically benefits of it. You have to really challenge yourself. Its great! These challenges for your bum, legs, stomach, chest, arms are down below. If you … Continue reading Exercise challenges 


My current playlist 

I love seeing other people's current favourite songs or finding songs that I fall in love with online. That's why I thought it would be nice to show you my playlist, of the songs I love so maybe you'll discover a song you love too (: Aminè - Caroline  Aminè - Zzzz Kent Jones - … Continue reading My current playlist