Stax Diner • Chicken & Waffles? 

I've heard of chicken and waffles for years now and never really thought about trying it, till this summer. I googled 'the best restaurants for chicken and waffles' and boom! Stax Diner came up. Name: Stax Diner Location: It's in a great secluded area near the main high street of Soho. There were loads of … Continue reading Stax Diner • Chicken & Waffles? 


Korean BBQ

During the summer holiday I wanted to try something new so I went to Korean BBQ. *this was before I turned vegetarian* Name of restaurant: Kimchee Décor: Decorations with a beautiful Korean influence inside of the restaurant. They had dark heavy wooden chairs and tables which were relatively comfy to sit on. It was a relaxing environment … Continue reading Korean BBQ

Vegan eat out options (UK) 

 Here are 10 restaurants that you can cater to being vegan. P.s. - ask the staff for ingredients list and most of the time they'll be happy to help. Discalmer * this is for the UK check the Ingredients for other countries. 1. Dominos: - Pizza: Thin & crispy & No cheese - Any vegetable toppings - … Continue reading Vegan eat out options (UK)