A weekend in Lymington

Day 1: 2 hours and 15 minutes drive from London to Lymington – the drive wasn’t too bad – We went straight for the high street, did some shopping and went for lunch at a local cafe. After that we relaxed at the hotel.

Day 2: In the morning we went shopping again and bought clothes and a book called ‘The Forgetting Time’ which looks really good and I’m excited to read it. During the day my mum planned for us to hire bikes so that we could cycle along side the sea. Now what was meant to be a 20min bike ride turned into an hour! All of the elements were against us-it was raining, windy and gloomy. We even had overly friendly locals (for a Londoner) laughing with us and wishing us luck.

Still smiling away even though I had the wind drying out my eyeballs.

I haven’t been on a bike in 5 years so I had to get used to it quickly and I nearly wanted to give up half way there. My legs felt like they were on fire and if any of you have been on a bike for a long time you know you bum gets sore – It felt like it was leg day -. We got to our destination ‘Gun in Pub’ which was a cute little pub but they didn’t serve food till 18:00- it was 16:38! We were tired and hungry  and I had a moment to feel my disappointment which resulted in me sulking for a few minutes but after I was soon trying to be positive again as we ordered crisps and drinks. We regenerated, had a long conversation and then headed back. Thank the Lord! The sun was trying to pierce it’s way through the gloomy clouds.

It was a really beautiful site. The kind of site that sucks you in. You forget about the low battery phone that means you’re unable to be antisocial and scroll through Instagram, worry about the work you’re going to have to do in 2nd year or what’s everyone up to on Facebook. It was nice to breath in the salty water and take in the scenery. I personally love nature and my favorite place is the sea.

I felt like throwing my phone into the sea and disconnecting myself from the world. I honestly feel as though I would love to drop everything and live here. I guess it’s a fantasy and I don’t know if I would truly want that but for that moment it was all I wanted.

Luckily, riding back this time was nowhere near as bad. I didn’t have to stop to catch my breath every 10mins. I just kept cycling down the path from which I could see everything much more clearly. The nice view coupled with the light wind pushing us forward made for a delightful journey.

We got back to the high street and ran straight to Pizza Express. Starving, we stuffed our faces with the well deserved pizzas and brownies which tasted all the better for having been earned.

Day 3: said goodbye to the hotel as we packed the car and also said goodbye to the animals behind the hotel which were so adorable and really helped to solidified why I wanted to be a vegetarian.

We then drove to the beach and took a long stroll and relaxed there all day. It was a relaxing getaway with beautiful scenery. I really felt at peace with all the nature and animals around me.

Comment what your favorite thing you did in summer 2016,

see you soon (:



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