Stax Diner • Chicken & Waffles? 

I’ve heard of chicken and waffles for years now and never really thought about trying it, till this summer. I googled ‘the best restaurants for chicken and waffles’ and boom! Stax Diner came up.

Name: Stax Diner

Location: It’s in a great secluded area near the main high street of Soho. There were loads of restaurants surrounding it, as you can see in the picture below. The reason I liked the location of Stax Diner is because you got the live atmosphere and music from all the restaurants as you walked past but it wasn’t too overwhelming. The Diner was hard to get to. The restaurant itself was quite small but the surrounding atmosphere made up for it.

Food: I had the fresh strawberry lemonade which was refreshing. For mains I had the famous chicken and waffles. Even though I thought it was a seriously odd mix, I enjoyed it a lot. Their chicken was crispy on the outside and the inside was very tender. The waffle, whilst fine, was nothing special: a bit crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. The combination of the two created a unique taste which went well with the maple syrup.

This has been my last meat meal as I am vegetarian now! Overall if you are looking for a restaurant with good vibes, chicken and waffles you should definitely check out Stax Diner.


Comment if you’ve ever had chicken and waffles and what you thought,

See you soon (:


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