Chilly summer lookbook 

This is a look-book for those chilly summer days which are common in England. So what I like to wear is a warm knitted jumper with a flowy skirt with either boots or black flats. Therefore it will keep you warm on the top half but still has a summery vibe with the skirt. I think this outfit would be good to wear while shopping, at college/university or to the park.

Jumper- Cow

Skirt – New Look

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See you soon (:


9 thoughts on “Chilly summer lookbook 

  1. Hey thank you for the follow back. I came across your look book post and really liked the idea. I was wondering if you got any advice for a new user on WordPress? Would appreciate any help . Thank you.


    1. Hey, it’s ok. Mmm well I’d say I’m relatively new still but my advice would be to stay consistent and to always reply and connect with your following. Hope that helps x


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