1st year at university 

Packing your whole room and taking it into an unknown area. Saying goodbye to your parents and entering a room full of strangers. It can be daunting. 

As scary as it may seem in the beginning it really isn’t that bad. Yes there will be some awkwardness and silences which obviously is going to happen and has happened to me.

Now for me to sum up 1st year of university is a rollercoaster that I’d pay again and again to ride. University was challenging due to my anxiety and not feeling like I fit in but it really has made me grow as a person. I’ve over come a lot of anxiety, made great friends and feel comfortable at my university and now it is my second home. Going back in 2nd year will be interesting and I’m hoping it’s even better than 1st year!

Tell me your uni experience or any questions about uni in the comments below, 

See you soon (: 


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