3 Ingredient pancakes 


– 125ml Rice milk

– 2/3cups Oats

– 1 ripe Banana


1. Put the oats into a nutribullet and grind them up.

2. Add rice milk and banana into nutribullet and grind up again.

3. Add a bit of oil to your pan and pour the mixture into the pan. Form the mixture into a pancake shape and cook till golden in colour. Carry on till you use all the mixture.


♥ Alternatives: you can use any other milk or flour for this recipe.

♥ This recipe makes 5 medium pancakes

I never thought a pancake, with only 3 ingredients, could taste this good. In my hunt for yummy vegan meals, I came across this one and fell in love with the taste. I’m still amazed by how simple the ingredients are and how healthy it is for you.

Comment if you’ve tried it and if you liked it,

See you soon (:


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