Beauty 💙 Comparing  

A lot of us are guilty of comparing our appearances and lives to other people. Some of the other people may be friends or they could be complete strangers.

In a world lived on social media we are exposed to beautiful looking women & men everywhere. What I find helps is to differentiate myself and look at a beautiful Instagram model and think ‘ wow she is beautiful’ but then swipe on. Instead of thinking ‘wow she’s beautiful, I wish I had her figure or I could never look as beautiful as her’ just admire her picture and don’t compare yourself. Have the confidence to think she is beautiful and so am I even if we dont look alike.

When I was a bit younger I used to compare but differentiating really help me to get over it more. I do it a lot less now and also getting older I’ve become more confident in who I am. This post is for people who have caught themselves doing this. If it makes you feel down about yourself it really isn’t worth it and doesn’t help you progress within yourself. Remember things you don’t like about yourself someone else could adore you for.

‘Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it’ ~ Confucius


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