Beauty 💙 Self-love

Beauty can be interpreted into so many different ways that for some people who think they’re ugly really saddens me.

I’ve had those occasional days were I’ve felt ugly and worthless. Most if not all of you may have felt like this before. What I do to snap out of it is that I tell myself that I am beautiful and I list the things I like about myself inside and out and try to be rational against my irrational thoughts.

This post is for anyone who can relate. Sometimes you have to stop and take yourself out of the situation and really think about why you think the way you do about yourself.  We need to be taught self love instead of self hate. Find the deep rooted issue and try to repair it. If you have felt like this I highly recommend you try doing it too.

Don’t be scared to call yourself beautiful or to point out things you love about yourself. All females should be allowed to think we’re beautiful and not be labelled as vain or big headed for doing so.

I strongly believe that if you think you’re beautiful, if you think you are truly beautiful (inside and out) then it’s very hard for anyone to tell you otherwise, it gets harder for people to try and break you down because you already know the truth within yourself.

‘Beauty is power; a smile is its sword’ ~ John Ray


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