Dream holidays 

I’m so passionate about traveling I adore it. I’d like to share with you my top 5 dream places to visit.

1. Hawaii
This has to be the first one because I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii since I was young. This place, in pictures, looks so beautiful and peaceful I love the beaches and mountains and one day I’ll be there to soak it all in.

2. Fiji
Fiji another beautiful place that I’d love to visit. Again for the scenery-I love beach holidays-and the beaches in Fiji look amazing. snorkeling in Fiji would be memorising as you get to see all the difficult colored fish and as Fiji is known as the ‘Coral Capital of the World’ and also home to the ‘Great Astrolabe Reef’ where they have 1000+ species of fish.

3. Japan
Japan looks like such an interesting place and so culturally different from london. I would also love to visit okunoshima as they have loads of rabbits that roam the area.

4. Canada
I here good things about Canada how people are friendly and beautiful scenery. Id also love to try the food there! Maple syrup and butter tart sounds delicious. *drools*

5. Sweden

I haven’t been to many Scandinavian countries so that’s why I’d like to go Sweden there laws are so different from London and I’ve heard there crime rate is so low I’d like to see why everyone says Scandinavian countries are the best!

What’s yours?,

See you soon (:


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