Vegan eat out options (UK) 

 Here are 10 restaurants that you can cater to being vegan. P.s. – ask the staff for ingredients list and most of the time they’ll be happy to help.

Discalmer * this is for the UK check the Ingredients for other countries.

1. Dominos:

– Pizza: Thin & crispy & No cheese

– Any vegetable toppings

– Sides: Potato wedges

2. Subway:

– Hearty Italian or Italian

– Any vegetables

– BBQ or honey mustard or hot chilli

3. Nando’s:

– Veggie wrap

– Chips, Side salad or Garlic bread

– Most of the sauce’s

4. McDonald’s:

– Veggie burger (no mayo)

– Fries

– Apple pie

5. Harvester:

– Jacket potato

– Skinny veggie burger

6. Franco Manca:

– Number 1 or 2

– Add on vegetables

7. Weatherspoons:

– Ask for vegan menu

8. Le Pain Quotidien:

– Roasted Vegetables

– Roasted baby potatoes

9. Indian takeaway:

– Vegetable bryiani

– Vegetable samosas

– (A lot more others check menu)

10. Chinese takeaway:

– Vegetable spring rolls

– Vegetable fried rice

– Veggie chow mein

– (A lot more others check menu)

I love trying different things and my next obsession is veganism. I’ve researched a lot about veganism and find it really interesting and heartfelt that’s why I’m going to be on a plant based diet for 2 weeks.

Here’s a website for more places to eat out and other info about being vegan.

Comment if this has helped!

See you soon (:


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