Homemade Chips 

Prep time


Oven time







♥ King Edwards potatoes 2 medium size

♥ Olive oil

♥ Sea salt


– Peal your potatoes and cut them into chip shape.

– Put boiling hot water and sea salt into the pot and wait till it bubbles. Then add your potatoes. Leave in for 10mins and pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees

– Drain the water from your chips and fluff them up (it’s okay if they break a bit)

– Then put them onto your tray and separate them. Sprinkle olive oil and sea salt on the chips and put in the oven for 15mins then take out move around so it doesn’t stick and add in for another 15mins.

(keep an eye on them after putting it back in for the other 15mins as it depends how hot your oven is on how fast they’ll cook)

– Take out of oven put on a plate and there you go perfect chips. Enjoy!

I love making my homemade chips, I’d honestly say I think it’s better than Mc Donald’s! My dad loves cooking and taught me how to make crispy on the outside fluffy on the inside perfect chip. I hope you can make perfect chips with this recipe too (comment if you do)

See you soon (:


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