Anxiety explained • P2

Feeling anxious over something normal and suffering from anxiety are two different things. Just like when you feel really down one day doesn’t mean you suffer from depression.

Anxiety is like a ‘friend’ that’s joined to your hip suffocating you by feeding you lies. It tell you ‘you can’t do that, they’ll laugh at you or don’t go just stay curled up in bed’.

Some days you can be strong enough to tell it I will be fine now leave but other days you wallow in the anxious thoughts you let it stay filling your mind with poison.

Comment if your anxiety feels like this too,

See you soon (:


6 thoughts on “Anxiety explained • P2

  1. this is so relatable. it really is a constant voice in your head telling you “they’re laughing at YOU” or “they probably think ______ about you right now”

    do non-anxious people think like this? or is it just anxious people and we take it to the extreme?

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      1. yeah that’s very true. Who doesn’t get insecure? With anxiety it just takes it to a whole other level. Like you focus in on my thing which is probably an absurd thing to be so consumed with while other people let it bother them for a second and then let it go


      2. Yeah, exactly we get insecure about things that probably no one else notice about us and yeah I need to learn how to let it in for a second then let it go


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