Thoughts on relationships 

Yes, things with friendships and relationships never have gone in my favour. I’m always ending up giving too much and getting really badly hurt for it. It’s like I’m parachuting with the ones I love and one by one they slowly cut my cords, on the way down. I feel betrayal and confused why are you doing this? what did I do to hurt you so much? I know I was no angel but I always cared for you. After the last ‘close friend’ betrayed me I started to think what is the point. Seriously what is the point in overly caring and being loving to someone when they just stab you in the back. I had really given up hope in trying to live as a kind or positive person. My faith in the universe and believing in being positive instead of negative had been heavily questioned.

Then I realised I’m thinking way too much about it and my conclusion is I should still believe in being a kind person it’s just I need to change my view of what the universe means. When in fact being kind to others shouldn’t be looked at as, when bad things happen to you all the positive things you’ve done gets thrown out the window. It should be looked at turning it to be the norm in humanity just to be kind to one another because we want to not because of the ‘repercussions’ of not being nice. We need to be less selfish and more of a unit. So that’s why I still do believe in trying to be a positive and kind person.

Sorry that this blog post kind of went in a whole circle it was just my emotions that I felt. You guys may not even agree with me which is fine, everyone has their believes. It’s been nice to vent about situations in my life, now I feel better and can move on from it. I think it would be really nice if you could do one kind thing for someone else whether it’s telling your parents how much you appreciate them or donating money to charity.

Comment if you’ve ever felt how I’ve felt and,

See you soon (:


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on relationships 

  1. I agree, I try to teach the children in my class this. You should be kind to be kind, not because of what you might get in return just like you shouldn’t give just to receive it doesn’t work like that. If people were kinder the world would be a better place. Also you shouldn’t apologise for venting we all need to sometimes.

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