Nipple Piercing 

Where: Grace Tattoo London

When: 22nd June 2016

Price: £40 (for both nipples)

Hand it for: 5 weeks

Grace Tattoo London is the best piercing place I’ve been too. If you’re from West London I’d highly recommend you go there. Chris (the piercer) made me feel really comfortable and was very professional.

Backstory: Ok, the truth is I was so scared for this piercing. I was scared for the pain, but I was also scared that I wouldn’t like it. The nipple piercing was a bit of a spontaneous decision. I’ve always thought it looked cool on other girls, but never thought I’d get it done (I am so happy I did now). I really love this piercing and think it does give you more confidence with your boobs.

Pain: I got both nipples done. Surprisingly the 1st nipple wasn’t as painful as i thought it would be, I would rate it 3/10. However the 2nd nipple hurt a lot more, I’d rate that one 6/10.

Healing process: So far I have no infections with the piercing, thank god! They’ve healed really well. It was only painful to sleep with for 3 nights and after that it was fine. I did find myself accidentally hitting the piercing a few times on random things e.g. fridge door lol, but that did hurt a lot.



1. How I clean it is with 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt and mix it in with a mug of boiling hot water and I wait till it cools down.

2. After, I get two shot glasses and pour the salt water into them. Then I put the shot glasses over each nipple and wait for 10mins (I usually watch YouTube while doing this).

3. Then I get a Q-tip and wet it with the remaining salt water from the mug and clean around the piercing. I have to do this 2-3 times a day.

Leave a comment if you have any questions (:


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