My top 5 Beauty YouTuber’s 

♥  Beauty Crush

♥  Jadah Doll

♥  It’s My RayeRaye

♥  Jasmine Brown

♥  It’s Mandarin

Beauty YouTuber’s are great, they teach you which brush to use for eye shadow and how to not over do it with contouring (as you can tell I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to make up). I have found that looking at YouTuber’s who have similar skin colour and hair types does help a lot! Reason being is that you can find out whether a lipstick shade could suit your skin colour or good hacks of how to style your unruly curly hair. Beauty YouTuber’s also can help you to find good outfit ideas. This is why these 5 YouTuber’s are my favourite.

1. Beauty Crush: She was brought up in West London (the same as me!) She’s one of the more introverted YouTuber’s, which I admire her for because i feel like it gave me the confidence to do this blog as she proves you don’t have to be an extrovert to put yourself out there. I really like how her personality shines through her videos, especially vlog’s or more personal get to know me main channel videos, were you can see how funny and lovely she is. She has a mixture of videos but for the beauty side she has a lot of ‘GRWN’, ‘OTD’ and ‘Look Books’.

Her YouTube link:

2. Jadah Doll: She’s a beautiful model that lives in America and wants to become a lawyer later on in life. I’ll be honest she doesn’t post as much as she used to but she does have a good collection of older videos i.e. ‘Monthly Shoe Obsession’ or ‘Flawless Foundation Routine’. She also sometimes has some discount codes, when she talks about specific websites so look out for that!

Her YouTube link:

3. It’s My RayeRaye: She is an American beauty YouTuber. With beautiful full eyebrows and lips. I especially love how creative and bold she does her make up looks and hairstyles. I.e. ‘Dramatic fall vampy make up’ or ‘Wig look book’. She also has different beauty hacks i.e. ‘How to get lighter elbows’ or ‘How to get pinker lips’.

Her YouTube link:

4. Jasmine Brown: Shes an outgoing American YouTuber that likes to experiment with colourful make up looks and has lots of hairstyles for people with curly hair. I.e. ‘Bold blue make up’ or ‘Big double Dutch braids’.

Her YouTube link:

5. It’s Mandarin: Shes a beautiful vegan YouTuber so although she isn’t specifically a beauty YouTuber she still does have a fair few beauty related videos up. ‘Kylie Jenner inspired make up’ or ‘GRWN simple and vampy’. She does use (some or all sorry not sure) vegan make up products so if you are looking for some vegan make up search for Mandarin as she has recommended some in her video. I.e. ‘Amazing vegan beauty products’.

Her YouTube link:


Hope you enjoyed the post and liked the YouTubers if you checked them out (:


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